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The Polarion Experts
We have been redefining the Application Lifecycle Mgmt. Cycle with Polarion for our customers for 8 years.

With the founding of Sebay-IT in 2012, we put the previous freelance work of our managing director on a broader basis. In the beginning we started with Polarion Consultings. From 2016 we were able to implement larger Polarion projects with the support of freelance workers. After successfully completed projects, we have consolidated ourselves and are currently offering services in the Polarion environment. Here we have specialized and give our expertise in the areas

  • Administration of Polarion
  • Procedure model for the development of your own Polarion extension for Java and Velocity
  • Switching from on-prem installation to the cloud

to our customers. We have compiled the entire product portfolio here .

What We Do
We always see the Polarion customers holistically and look after all different facets of the Polarion mission.

We have specialized in customizing a Polarion installation so that our customers always get the most out of the Polarion installation. Thanks to our 12 years of experience, we know every corner of Polarion and are therefore able to provide comprehensive support to Polarion customers.
We use the possibilities of GitHub, the cloud and IaC and can accompany you in your DevOps activities.



2013 till 2015

Polarion services in a team

2016 till 2019

Holistic support for Polarion customers in a team

seit 2020

Specialization in Polarion customizing
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Colorful pictures can only insufficiently express our expertise and performance. Therefore: give us a try. Send us your specific polarion problem and we will solve it. When you are satisfied with the solution, a partnership can begin. The focus is on your company and the requirements, we only provide the technical know-how. If you wish, we will support you holistically for Polarion so that you always get the best results when adapting Polarion. We can then develop an overall strategy for you Installation / update / management of Polarion, for the implementation of the processes, for reporzing and the easy use of Polarion.
As an authorized Siemens service and technology partner, you will always receive the latest information for your challenges.
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