Client side JavaScript

API Support

The two APIs Rendering and Open form the backbone for any customizing. While the rendering API – as the name suggests – is available for rendering data. The data is presented in the same way as Polarion does. The Open API is the entire API, i.e. the possibility to access Polarion data. We would be happy to show you the differences and possibilities of the APIs.

The APis are used in Java plugins, widgets, Velocity Macros or on the WikiPages and LiveReportPages. Which approach is the best in your situation, we are at your side with our expertise. It doesn’t matter whether we show you how to do it or whether you instruct us to implement the requirements for you.

Client side JavaScript

We use JavaScript on the client side to prevent unnecessary reloading of polarion pages. We use jQuery for this because it is part of the Polarion installation. The same applies to graphics to be displayed for which we use the JavaScript library HighCharts.

By calling HighCharts directly, we can display all types of graphics. We use DataTable to display data in tables. With this approach, the data is loaded once on the page and then filtered on the page according to the requirements. This saves the time-consuming loading of the pages.


With Polarion, web services offer the option of accessing the system from outside. A separate API is provided for this purpose, which is fundamentally different from the other APIs.

Based on your requirements, we will show you how to develop an application with WebServices, regardless of your development environment.


Polarion offers a whole range of connectors that can be used to import or export data from other applications to Polarion. The polarion data do not stay in silos, but can be shared with other applications.